Uganda Deposits

Bank Rate
Bank of Baroda Uganda 1 Year Fixed Deposit

The interest rate for this deposit account is for balances between 12 months to less than 24 months and is for deposits of UGX 500 million and above.

1 year
Nov 2017


  • Q: I have my 10 million I would wish to do deposit how much can I get in one year and other benefits

    Reply Cosmas from Oman
  • Q: We intend to open up a fix deposit acc as a group. I c ur interest rates is13.00% if the money is to b fixed for 1year. This confuses me a little, is the 13% a monthly benefit for the duration of 1year? or that 13% is the benefit for the whole year's savings? I mean without considering the month?

    Reply Simon from Kampala, Uganda
  • Q: dear sir, i hv account saving ac (ugx) in BOB , i would like no if i make fix deposit fir $2000 after 1 year how much interest i will get and any other hidden charges be there .

    Reply patel keyur from Uganda
    • R: I would advise you invest in a more flexible scheme like unit trusts, which offers a still competitive rate and u can still access the money at any point when you need it.

      Reply Nelson